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In Belgium, we raise awareness among the general public through our network “Hospital for Hospital”, but also through our annual campaign, festival stands and info days.

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Hospital for Hospital

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In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, about 1 in 150 women die as a result of their pregnancy or childbirth. This is partly due to unavailability and low utilization of maternal healthcare services and the difficulty to access those healthcare centres. Videos only available in French and Dutch.

In many hospitals in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the only light available to perform surgery is the light of a flashlight. There is a huge lack of electricity, running water or medicines. To create more awareness for this situation Medecins Sans Vacances, Médecins du Monde and Memisa confronted patients in a medical centre in Brussels with these problems. Videos only available in French and Dutch.

In these videos, three Congolese doctors – who work in hospitals that collaborate with Médecins du Monde, Medecins Sans Vacances and Memisa – explain how they improve their daily work by showing compassion, practicing their listening skills and using their voice. Every day, they dedicate themselves body and soul to offer the best possible care to the population. Videos only available in French and Dutch.

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